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Second Wind 10-Piece Configuration
Second Wind can perform as a 10-piece ensemble for that "Big Band" sound.
Second Wind logo

A variety band for all ages, Second Wind delivers classic hits from the 1940s to the present with all the flavor of the originals. Five vocalists handle just about any style, with some of the best harmonies in the Northwest.

Performing together over 22 years, this professional lineup features a college music professor, a high school music director, and two recording artists with their own CD’s of original music. Several members have performed in bands that have toured in cities all over the U.S. and Canada.

Second Wind performs as a six- or ten-piece band. The ten piece band features a five piece horn section that adds a "big band" feel to swing standards like "In The Mood" and a powerful punch to R&B classics like "Mustang Sally."

The Players
Larry Murante: lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, percussions
Robert Puff: saxophones, clarinet, flute, guitar, vocals
Kenny Rosario: drums, vocals
Chuck Stowell: keyboards, vocals, trumpet, guitar
Rick Waldron: lead guitar, vocals, keyboards
Walter White: bass, vocals

Larry Murante (lead vocals, guitar)
Larry was nominated "Best Male Vocalist" in the 2000 Samie Awards (Seattle Area Musical Innovation and excellence awards) and has sung in a variety of musical groups from the Northwest and Northeast. Larry's voice is a testament not only to good pipes but to years of classical training, logging over a decade of study with opera, jazz, and musical theater stylists among which was Metropolitan Opera veteran baritone, Frank Guarerra. When he's not singing with Second Wind, Larry is an award winning singer/songwriter with two CD's of original music. Larry also tours nationally as a solo acoustic performer. He has also sung as a session vocalist on many Northwest Artist's CD's. For more info about Larry's solo project and his CD's of original music; "Water's Edge" and "Kiss Me One More Time," visit Larry's website at www.larrymurante.com.    (back to top)

Robert Puff (saxophones, clarinet, flute, guitar, vocals)
Robert's recent live performance credits include three years as Musical Director for the Women's AGLOW National and International Conferences. His feature film credits as an orchestrator include the 1995 feature film "Die Hard With A Vengeance" for composer Michael Kamen. Robert has also worked as a producer on several albums featuring various singers, songwriters and instrumentalists, and has composed original music for PBS television and Microsoft, among others. Since 1994, Robert Puff's music preparation company, RPM Seattle has provided charts (printed music notation parts and scores) for feature films & television, compact discs, musicals, jingles, live performance, symphonic composition, and publishing. For more information visit the Robert Puff web page at www.musicprep.com/robertpuff.     (back to top)

Kenny Rosario (drums, vocals)
Playing drums in a variety band such as Second Wind requires a knowledge of many musical styles and grooves. Kenny the "Groovemeister" Rosario developed his chops while growing up in a family full of musicians (Kenny's brother, Frank, was one of the original members of Second Wind). Before settling down and raising a family, Kenny spent several years on the road with several classic rock touring bands including; "The Shells," "Johnny Saturn and the Electrics." He's also played in several jazz fusion bands with Northwest jazz artists Michael Powers and Deems Tsutakawa. When he's not holding down the beat with Second Wind, you can find him networking computers and coaching his sons' sports teams.    (back to top)

Chuck Stowell (keyboards, lead vocals, trumpet, guitar)
Chuck is also the music and horn section arranger for Second Wind. This multi-instrumentalist has played in several popular, Northwest touring bands including; "The Cities," "Annakonda" and "Uncle Wiggley." Chuck has taught high school music in the Kent School District for the past 21 years. He received the Green River Music Region's "Outstanding Teacher Award" for 2000-2002. Under his direction, the Kentlake High School band placed as national finalists at the Monterey Jazz Festival and the Essentially Ellington Festival at Lincoln Center in New York City. He has written and produced three musical comedies and recorded two CD's with his jazz ensemble at Kent Lake High School. His Kentlake band also won the 2001 national competition as "Biggest Baddest School Jazz Band on Earth," sponsored by the Selmer Co. and Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. He's also coached the State Champion Kent Meridian girls basketball team.    (back to top)

Rick Waldron (lead guitar, vocals, keyboards)
A musician’s musician, Rick wins the prize as the band member who can play the most instruments. He is currently proficient in piano, synthesizers, bass (upright and electric), electric and acoustic guitar plus even the trombone. He concentrates on lead guitar when playing with Second Wind, but occasionally can be seen playing keys during part of the show. This summa cum laude music graduate of Cornish Institute (BM) and the prestigious North Texas State University (MM) has played in some of the most well known touring bands in the Northwest including the "Sonics," "Burgundy Express," "Uncle Wiggley" and "Tour de Force." He has been the Music Department Chairman at Everett Community College for the past seventeen years and is currently finishing up his second CD release of original music. For more info about Rick's CD's of original music, visit www.cdbaby.com/rickwaldron.    (back to top)

Walter White (bass, vocals)
Walter was trained on piano and oboe during elementary school, then began playing tenor sax in middle school. He found his voice after joining the Cleveland band "Woodsmoke" as their woodwind specialist, only to be elected bassist when the position opened. In his 4th decade holding down the groove, he has worked with jazz, rock, folk, country, African, Caribbean, Greek and Brazilian musicians in myriad settings. Music has taken Walter on tour with the Interlochen Arts Academy Jazz Orchestra, playing with Peter Erskine and Chris Brubeck; to the Kennedy Center with Djimo Kouyate and Mamaya; the Gorge and Portland editions of the Horde Tour; the Portland Jazz Festival and Waterfront Blues Festival; Bumbershoot;and LouieFest at the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma, WA. When not appearing with Second Wind, Walter performs and records with the James DeJoie Quartet(www.joiemusic.com), Rik Wright's Zen Tornado(www.rikwright.com), The Lefty Jones Band (www.leftyjonesband.com) and The DooWah Sisters.    (back to top)

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